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FansUnite Social Sportsbook

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The FansUnite Social Sportsbook is a brand new platform looking to harness the power of blockchain technology to improve the experience of their users. After recently partnering with the Leicester City Football Club the platform seems primed to make waves in the sports betting community. To learn more about the FansUnite Social Sportsbook read this FansUnite review.

Canadian-based sports, gaming and entertainment company FansUnite Inc, recently disclosed their plans to release a social sportsbook powered by blockchain technology. The sportsbook is expected to be built upon the Ethereum Blockchain and use a FansUnite Protocol capable of accepting bets via Ethereum-based tokens. The technology should be able to offer lower fees on their bets, which can be as low as a 1% margin. Another exciting part of the use of blockchain technology is the ability of the FansUnite to add social elements designed to allow collaboration between bettors.

FansUnite logo

The Leicester City Football Club recently announced a partnership with the FansUnite Social Sportsbook which will look towards using the new technology to increase fan engagement. The club went on to state that for the duration of the season there is to be a number of player meet-and-greets, contests, surprise giveaways that will be available to LCFC fans. A number of special engagements for football fans is also expected to be included on the FansUnite platform which may include a FansUnite welcome offer when the sportsbook launches.

To learn more about the FansUnite Social Sportsbook and what to expect from the FansUnite Network read the full FansUnite review below.

FansUnite Welcome Bonus

FansUnite FeaturesDetails
FansUnite Welcome BonusSoon to come
Payment MethodsTokens
Mobile AppLikely to have
Available SportsFootball, rugby, cricket, tennis and much more

Exact details on FansUnite welcome bonus have not yet been disclosed to bettors, however a Welcome Offer that incorporates a first deposit bonus or first bet bonus can be expected. Both types of bonuses will award users extra bonus money based on the amount deposited into their FansUnite Betting Accounts. A FansUnite Specialized Token will likely be the currency of the bonus.

Certain conditions and requirements might need to be fulfilled before users will be able to activate the FansUnite welcome bonus and withdraw bonus coins awarded by the bonus. A popular requirement is a bonus code that must be applied when registering for your account. Not applying the bonus code will result in the forfeiture of the bonus. A wagering requirement may also be necessary to fulfill before users may withdraw bonus money awarded by the Welcome Bonus.

FansUnite Network

The FansUnite Network is expected to be the trump card of the FansUnite Social Sportsbook. Known as the FansUnite Oracle Network, the chain attempts to create the basis for a protocol that allows bettors to make instant wagers with FansUnite Tokens. To put it simply, the resolution of wagers and the provision of event data will be crowd-sourced by a decentralized network.

The main advantage of incorporating blockchain technology into sports betting is the ability to decrease the margins on wager and create a system where a community of fellow bettors can strive to make their betting experience increasingly profitable.The blockchain will also increase transparency and allow for parties to engage in sports betting in a completely trustless and distributed way, without any intermediaries.

FansUnite Mobile

The FansUnite Platform should be available on mobile devices via a mobile application. The FansUnite mobile app should incorporate a wallet for your FansUnite Currency and have a system for transferring tokens into FIAT. The FansUniet Mobile App is expected to be available at the iTunes and Google Play stores based on the operating system of your device.

FansUnite Sportsbook Mobile

FansUnite Sports

The sports which will be available for sports betting have not yet been announced by FansUnite, however popular sports such as Football, Rugby, Cricket and Tennis should be available for betting. Partnering with the Leicester City Football Club should lead to a significant emphasis on football bets and promotions.

American leagues such as the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL should also be available for betting at FansUnite along with a number of niches sports from around the world.

FansUnite Social Sportsbook Review Conclusion

The FansUnite Social Sportsbook is looking to revolutionize the sports betting industry through the use of blockchain technology. Whether this will take place time can only tell, but the extremely small margins and ability to make transparent wagers should bring quite a bit of attention to the project.